Yorkshire Dales Sunbeams

Yorkshire Dales sunbeams

This photo of Yorkshire Dales sunbeams was taken from somewhere between Grassington and Hebden in Wharfedale. Looking at a map, I’d say it was in the Thorpe or Linton area, maybe. My wife and I were doing one of our now-traditional Yorkshire Dales birthday walks, resulting in pie and a pint in front of a roaring pub fireplace.

We’d been walking for a few hours, and were getting gradually caked in mud from the boggy fields and tracks. The weather was typical for 2012 (wet), and my camera hadn’t seen much action until the last stretch into Grassington. There was a break in the clouds, and the sunbeams lit the contours of the hills to the south. Despite very difficult conditions, I managed to get a few good exposures of the hills as the sunbeams grazed the ridges and dry stone walls. I will miss the Yorkshire Dales when we move. It’s times like this when you realise that you are lucky to live half an hour from a postcardy place. Maybe I’ll find somewhere similar near our new home.

2 thoughts on “Yorkshire Dales Sunbeams

  1. Paul

    Best get used to rain where you are going , maybe invest in a waterproof camera case.
    Did you bump into Peter?

    You’re showing your age, calling the shafts of lights Sunbeams.

    Happy New Year.

  2. Keith Post author

    No, we didn’t see Peter, but we were walking through boggy fields for most of the day.
    Don’t people call them Sunbeams any more?
    Happy new year, Paul!

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