Malhamdale sheep farm

Malhamdale lies between Wharfedale and Ribblesdale, and is a little harder to get to from the big towns of West Yorkshire. Most people go there to see Malham Cove, which is a big cliff topped with a limestone pavement. Or they might go to see Gordale Scar, which is a gorge with a waterfall. Photographers who’ve done their homework might also go to see the lone tree in the limestone pavement. With any luck they’ll find the tripod marks.

Malhamdale, Yorkshire Dales

Further up the dale, they might visit Malham Tarn, which is a large pond or small lake, depending on your perspective. Not much to see here, unless you’re into birds. So why did I decide to visit Malhamdale on this sunny February afternoon? Good question, I’m not sure I know the answer. I think I was hoping for a sign. I’ve been struggling to find subjects to photograph lately.

Black Malhamdale sheep

I eventually gave up looking, and decided to go back home and do something more useful. As I came down towards Malham, the “sign” appeared, and I jammed the car into a lay-by, just as the light picked out the Dales landscape views from the side of the hill.

It wasn’t a wasted journey after all. Sometimes you can’t see the wood from the trees.

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