Malham Cove, From Below and From Above

Malham Cove Approach
It occurred to me that I don’t have any photos of Yorkshire’s Malham Cove on my website. This is a strange omission, considering how many times I’ve visited the place. For this set of photos, I’ve gone back in time 9 years! This was at a time when I’d really gotten the photography bug, and I was revisiting all my favourite Yorkshire landmarks.

For those unfamiliar with this natural Yorkshire icon, Malham Cove is big cliff in the Yorkshire Dales, near the sleepy village of Malham. It rises out of the ground for no good reason and continues North, producing a spectacular limestone pavement at its top. The beck dribbles from its base, apparently coming from deep inside the giant wall of stone. The water presumably comes from the tarn, over a mile away.

Malham Cove Limestone Pavement

The cliff is about 260ft tall. Not enormous, but tall enough to give you serious leg wobble, if you peer over the edge (which I would not advise). You can get to the cliff top by a stepped path to the side. It’s well worth the climb, as you get amazing views of Malham and its dale beyond.

It’s also a popular spot for rock climbers, who you almost always find attempting the cliff face. Yeah. Rather you than me!

Malham Cove Climber

2 thoughts on “Malham Cove, From Below and From Above

  1. Meike

    Malham Cove has been on my wish list for my annual Yorkshire Holiday for years – but so far, that’s where it has been. Who knows, maybe next year or the year after…
    It is just so difficult to get there without a car!

  2. Keith Nuttall Post author

    How close do you need to get? Malham is 10 minutes’ walk. And, if that’s too far, you could always get a lift to the gate at the end of the path, but that’s still another 10 minutes’ walk. There’s no other way to the top, as far as I know.

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