Catrigg Foss

Catrigg Foss, Stainforth

I’ll admit to being a hypocrite. There are some photos that I find terribly boring, but which I still take and admire myself. Bird photos are a pet hate of mine, unless they are doing something interesting, like sword fighting or break dancing. Blurry water is another pet hate. I wish I had a pound for every photography magazine article on the bleedin’ subject. It still doesn’t stop me taking them though.

Catrigg Foss waterfall (near Stainforth in Ribblesdale) was an excuse for me to try some soft water photos, and I was quite pleased with the results. You might find it boring though.

Stainforth, Yorkshire Dales

This photo, taken nearer Stainforth, sums up the Yorkshire Dales to me: dry stone walls, undulating hills, lonely trees, crags and sheep. Most people who have lived near the Dales would recognise this scene as typically Yorkshire. At the time I took this photo, it became clear that I would be leaving Yorkshire in a year or two, and this this sort of image would become a permanent memory of my 25+ years here.

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