Wind Turbines on the Horizon

Ovenden Moor wind turbines

I don’t know what all the fuss is about wind turbines. Okay, they’re not gorgeous, but they’re not ugly either. If you had anything against them, I guess you could call them a necessary evil. It’s either that or a power station, or global meltdown. I know which I prefer. This wind farm is at Ovenden Moor, between Bradford and Halifax. At least I think it is. I was testing out my new cheap vintage telephoto lens, from the top of Shipley Glen, 7 miles away.

I will never forget visiting the Centre for Alternative Technology, near Machynlleth. All of their power is generated by wind, sun and water, and stored in battery banks. Walking around their hilltop complex, you notice that it is really peaceful. It’s a very inspiring place.

So, Ovenden Moor’s wind turbines are fine by me. I think they’re quite attractive, in a way.

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