What Lies Beneath

What lies beneath the A1M Bridge, Wetherby

When you’re hurtling down the A1M at exactly seventy miles per hour (officer), you don’t really think about what lies beneath the road. Of course not—that would make driving unnecessarily complicated and dangerous. It’s best to just concern yourself with things like being aware of other road users, potential hazards, and avoiding BMW drivers.

So, it’s interesting to get a different perspective on the motorway, on foot. Here, by the river Wharfe at Wetherby, we can see exactly what is stopping you from driving into the water. There’s the obligatory ‘street art’ decorating the somewhat utilitarian concrete pillars, steel cross braces to stop the girders from twisting, and some rather intriguing steel plates which appear to be the only thing joining the sections of road together.

What lies beneath the A1M Bridge, Wetherby

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