Trouble at Mill

Trouble at Mill: Albert Terrace and Salts Mill, Saltaire

Sorry. As a Pythonist, I couldn’t resist the title “Trouble at Mill”. Like a lot of old mills in the North of England, the Victorian ‘Salts Mill’ (in Saltaire) has been renovated, and now hosts a David Hockney exhibition, some posh shops, a restaurant and a smart cafĂ©. The huge building and adjacent railway line is the first image you see on the Look North news. This photograph shows the approach from the cobbled Albert Terrace.

Preening Grey Heron

This Grey Heron has lived near the mill on the river Aire for a few years now. Luckily, I spotted it, and I managed to photograph it through a gap in the trees. I’m sure it would have spent more time grooming, if it knew how this photo was going to come out!

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