Taking the Canal in Bite-sized Portions

Reflected winter tree, taking the canal

Sometimes, the good lady wife and I like to get outside for a bit of a walk, to clear the head, brush away the cobwebs, and other suitable metaphors. For a few weeks now, we’ve been taking the canal in bite-sized portions. This involves driving to the point previously reached and walking a few miles further, and back again. I bring my camera, just in case the opportunity presents itself.

Leeds–Liverpool canal, Silsden

Unfortunately, the opportunity doesn’t happen much. Looking on the bright side, I suppose the camera gets a trip out too. It must get boring sitting in a bag all week, with only a couple of lenses for company.

I suppose there’s only so many things you can see from a canal towpath. I know a guy who made a photographic project out of walking the Leeds–Liverpool canal. He seemed to find more subjects to photograph than I could manage. Maybe I should try walking down the A59 instead.

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