Red Fox, Trampoline, Snow and Partying

Red Fox Trampoline and Snow

What is it about red foxes & trampolines?! My kids’ trampoline has already proven a hit with the local foxes. But even a heavy snowfall is no deterrent to them. This red fox looks slightly disappointed that it can’t see through the skin to its friend below, because of the thick layer of snow.

But this is the time of year when foxes start to party, and prepare for the new season. Night time sees lots of nocturnal activity, squealing and barking in the garden. God knows what’s going on out there, but it sounds like fun, or pain, I’m not sure which.

This year, we have the added complication of young cats in the house. Mornings provide entertaining exchanges with over-excited adolescent felines, keen to relay the previous night’s events. If only I could speak Cat.

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