Red Beck Ruins

Red Beck ruins, Shipley

A short walk from my house, there is a quiet little stream running through Heaton Woods. Red Beck (as it is known locally) ambles its way through the trees and fallen leaves, and then disappears underground. There are mysterious ruins dotted along its path, and much of the stone you see lying around seems to have once been cut into blocks. At one spot, mysterious rectangular stones contain purposeful holes, which may once have supported a wooden or metal axle.

It’s not surprising that old relics such as Stonehenge can confound the greatest of archaeologists and historians, when something as recent as the Red Beck ruins leaves very little to explain itself. Even in the internet age, there is no documentation to be found.

Red Beck moss, Shipley

No doubt someone knows what it once was, but will they ever write it down, or tell someone else about it? I wonder how many other local relics have been worn away, reused or covered in moss, with no one left to care.

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