Killer Cat

Killer Cat Chasing Red Fox

Here we see a visiting red fox being pursued by a neighbour’s killer cat. It’s no wonder we don’t see as many red foxes as we used to. Our annual residencies seemed to stop about 18 months ago, not long after I bought a special lens for the job of recording our guests. Typical!

We’ve had our fair share of foxes in our time in Yorkshire.  We even had our own fox graveyard, where we buried all the cubs that never made it. One year, the cubs died of Mange; another, I found a cub’s head in the middle of the lawn. But mostly they survived and prospered, including one little fellow who was abandoned and then reunited with its mum, returning the following year with its own family.

I miss watching the fox cubs chasing each other in the morning sun. Mind you, it’s quite entertaining watching cats chasing foxes too. I don’t think the fox was too bothered. I think it quite enjoyed the company. I’m not so sure about the cat.

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