Hebden Bridge Will Power

Hebden Bridge Will Power: no entry to the pub

They say that an Alcoholic is someone you don’t like who drinks as much as you. In Hebden Bridge, you can drink as much as you like without anyone passing judgement, so long as the booze is organic, and its container is recyclable. Yes, we’re in one of those places again, like Saltaire, only Hebden Bridge is much better at it.

Like Saltaire, Hebden Bridge is a close-knit community of people with imaginative names and a cosmopolitan attitude uncommon in Yorkshire. Let’s put it this way: there’s a higher than average number of vegan eateries, natural fibres and rusting VW camper-vans than you’ll find in Barnsley.

My last visit to Hebden Bridge was a half-term day out of the house, and very lovely it was too. We managed to get good wholesome food, explore shops full of bric-a-brac, and the sun was on form. It was all I could do to resist seeking some of the relaxing liquid refreshment.

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