Golden Acre Park

Japanese Maples at Golden Acre Park in Leeds

Golden Acre Park lies between Adel and Bramhope, north Leeds. It’s a well-established civic park with a heritage, and nowadays it’s prime dog- and child-walking territory. We don’t have a dog, so you can guess why we went quite a lot. It has a weatherproof ‘circular’ walk around the trees and bird pond, and a strategically well-placed tea shop at the end.

Dahlias and Rainbow at Golden Acre Park

If tea and cakes aren’t your thing (are you a monster?!), you can admire the nursery gardens and glasshouses, and make excuses about why your own garden is full of weeds and straggly specimens, totally unlike those you see here. If you’re a bit more adventurous, you can explore the marshlands to the other side of the busy main road, and stare at an empty pool in the vain hope that a rarer bird species will perform for you.

Dramatic Sunset over Yeadon, Leeds

If you’re lucky, the autumn weather may lay on a visual treat for you on the way home.

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