Goit Stock waterfall

Goit Stock waterfall, Cullingworth. Proof that Bradfordn't isn't a total dump.

Goit Stock Waterfall is a lovely little waterfall, tucked away between the semi-rural suburbs of Cullingworth and Harden, in west Bradford. You wouldn’t know it was there, as it’s not very well signposted. See, Bradford is not as grotty as you might think.

You can reach Goit Stock Waterfall from a footpath off Hallas Lane in Cullingworth, or you can take the ‘scenic’ route through the woods from Harden, past the old mill and caravan park. Be wary that the junction of the two routes involves a short scramble up the side of the gorge, which shouldn’t be much of a problem for most people.

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  1. Sue

    NB Cullingworth and Harden are not ‘semi-rural suburbs’, they are rural villages. We pay our Council Tax to Bradford council but we are located to the west of Bradford, not in ‘west Bradford’. Our ward is Bingley Rural and we’re a lot closer to Haworth than Bradford, but even so, we don’t think of Bradford as ‘grotty’. A little accuracy and respect for the places you describe, please!

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