Bradford City Park aka Bradford Puddle

Bradford City Park

Bradford City Park looks great when the sun shines, but when the sun is hiding behind the cloud, it just seems like a big puddle. This is the better view of the fountain area (until the Bradford Odeon building is hopefully restored), with Bradford City Hall in the background. Amazingly enough, I managed to catch Bradford on a sunny day, and we haven’t had many of those in 2012.

As you can see, Bradford City Park isn’t exactly drawing in visitors by the hundred, like it was hoped it would. Ideally, the centre of Bradford would be more attractive to visitors if the Bradford Puddle was complimented by a revitalised Bradford Odeon and mythical Westfield shopping centre. It’s more of an attractive diversion, rather than an attraction in its own right. It might be more of an attraction if they turned the big fountain on occasionally.

Still, I enjoyed the view on this sunny day, if no one else did.

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