Bingley Fauna

Bingley fauna: bee

A little later on my walk around the meadows of St Ives, near Bingley, I came across the local Bingley fauna. Now, I don’t normally think of Bingley as a natural oasis, but up on the hill near Druids Altar, the fields are thick with it.

Never one to resist a photo opportunity when a moving living object interrupts the landscape, I sprung into action, recording the humble bumble bees and tyrannical grey squirrels, stuffing their faces with nature’s free produce (and a bit of stuff gathered especially for the tourists too).

I wonder if being a wild animal is sometimes a bit like being on a permanent shopping trip but without a shopping trolley. Eat as much as you can and bring some home in your pockets. Maybe that’s why those all-you-can-eat holidays are so popular. Maybe it appeals to the animal in us.

Bingley fauna: grey squirrel

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