Temple of the Four Winds

Temple of the Four Winds at Castle Howard

We were promised spectacular views of the surrounding countryside from the Temple of the Four Winds at Castle Howard. But, when we arrived, there was no one to let us in. To be fair, I’m not sure that the extra three feet would have given us much of an advantage, so I was happy enough.
Allegedly, this summer house has a cellar. It was used by servants to prepare refreshments for the Duke’s family. It seems a bit extravagant to me. Surely they could have just taken a few sandwiches and a flask up the hill, or get someone to carry it for them. Poor dears.

Castle Howard Mausoleum: the final resting place of members of the Howard family.

The Vale of York is famed for being wide and flat. I guess that the Romans liked it because they could see people coming from a long distance, and had plenty of time to sharpen their swords. Clearly, York has a long history of ostentatiousness.

You can see the Howard family mausoleum from the temple. Presumably, this is the final resting place of those aristocrats who strained themselves carrying flasks and sandwiches.

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