River Nidd Rowing

River Nidd Rowing boats in Knaresborough

The River Nidd flows through a gorge in Knaresborough, flanked by the Knaresborough viaduct, and overlooked by Knaresborough Castle. If you like, you can hire a rowing boat from one of the riverside cafés, but you won’t get far, as there is a weir on one side and a stop sign on the other. Still, the occasional rower will get just enough exercise to work up an appetite for afternoon tea.

I took this photograph on a family outing on Mothers’ Day. We had decided to take a gentle stroll around picturesque Knaresborough—ending up at a café for a bit of overindulgence. Unfortunately, due to the unseasonal icy breeze, the gentle stroll became more of a jerky shuffle, followed by a desperate rush for the car park. Still, we managed to get our feed, and I got a rare photo of a sunny day.

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  1. Keith Nuttall Post author

    Au contraire! I have been in one of these very boats, and I have the photos to prove it!

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