Creative Block

Jess looking across a valley at Cowling

It’s not like breaking a leg, being laid out for days, or requiring surgery, but creative block can be a nasty illness, which can last for weeks. Symptoms include apathy, depression, listlessness, violent mood swings, furrowed brows, and deep sighs. In the case of photographers, photographs appear unusually ugly and uninteresting.

Wainman's Pinnacle from below

Strangely, doctors and medical researchers appear to be uninterested by this particular disease, citing technicalities like, “Creative Block is not a real illness, you moron.”
I guess they are just defeated by the syndrome’s complex nature, and are too proud to admit it, preferring to solve easier problems, like cancer, or the common cold.

Rocks at Earl Crag, Cowling

Fortunately, there is a cure for this debilitating affliction, although it doesn’t always work in all cases. It’s a risky and time-consuming therapy, but results have been promising in many cases. The treatment involves putting the camera down and doing something else for a while, followed by a fresh look at other people’s work, which one may not have seen before.

Lund's Tower from Earl Crag, Cowling

In some cases, the right subject, artist, or photograph can set off a new perspective on an old subject, and that furrowed brow slowly turns into a cheesy grin. Thank goodness for alternative medicine.

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