Cawood Bridge

My wife and I have been on an outdoor fitness drive lately. This involves long walks in the countryside, including this one around Cawood in the Selby district. Here you can see the river Ouse, which joins the Wharfe about half a mile upstream. You can also just about see the large swing-bridge, which doesn’t look like it gets much use.

I have always enjoyed a walk in the great outdoors, but it’s not without its pitfalls. Firstly, there’s the problem of finding your way. Some of our guides are quite old, and paths, landmarks and waymarks change. I’m getting used to U-turns. Then there’s the mud. It rained quite a lot last year, and I will not believe the next weatherperson to say we have a drought. Finally, there is always the nagging doubt that you will get savaged by a herd of psychopathic cows.

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