Sunset over the Irish Sea

Sunset over the Irish Sea, West Wales

It’s not a fair fight. Like I’ve said before: we’re suckers for a sunset, and no matter how boring the subject, we are automatically drawn to the colours and the spectacle. This sunset over the Irish Sea (at Aberdyfi beach in West Wales) was a pretty good one, on this cold winter’s day in February.

It’s easy to forget what was happening when you took a photograph. What did the rest of your surroundings look like? Well, in this case, I took a photograph of the scene behind me too. It’s surprisingly different.

Dusk on Aberdyfi Beach, West Wales

It’s almost like some landscapes are waiting for the sunset to paint them with inappropriate colours just before bedtime, like an overzealous child with a full set of crayons and too much blood sugar.

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