Aberdyfi Dusk

Aberdyfi Dusk

The trek to Llyn Barfog was an epic. I had set off after breakfast, and witnessed Aberdyfi dusk as I was still clambering through the undergrowth high above the village, desperate to get on a lighted path before the sun plunged into the sea. It’s amazing how many wrong turns you can take when time is at a premium.

Aberdyfi estuary sunset

Fortunately, I found a marked footpath as the sun’s reflection was shimmering across the estuary, and saw some fantastic views across Cardigan Bay. I wasn’t sure whether to savour the light, or get the hell down the hill and into the nearest pub. My legs were in dire need of alcoholic therapy. In the end, I did both. The final sunset was witnessed just before sampling some Welsh cider, as I tried not to think of the extra 15 minutes’ walk back to the hotel.

Aberdyfi beach sunset

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