Well, Here We Are, Pismo Beach! And All the Clams We Can Eat

Sunset at Pismo Beach 1

Another overnight stop, and Pismo Beach was a nice surpise. On reflection, we should have spent more time there. But you never know these things beforehand, I guess. It’s a small seaside town, with all the features you’d expect in a small British resort. It was verging on cheesy. The hotel was right on the beach, and there was a chilled vibe about the place. We felt right at home there.

Sunset at Pismo Beach 2

It was off-season, so there wasn’t very much going on besides a few building projects, and preparations for Christmas. Pismo Beach was where I had the first of many Breakfast Burritos. Think: healthy cooked breakfast in a wrap. Yum. Of course, it almost goes without saying, there were surfers risking life and limb.

Surfer and Pismo Beach Pier

But the highlight of the stay was the small wood near the beach, where approximately half of the expected 24,000 Monarch butterflies had already made a temporary home. I was gutted that I hadn’t packed a telephoto lens to capture the huge clumps hanging from the trees. But, fortunately, I was able to get a close-up with my phone and a strategically-placed telescope.

Monarch Butterflies at Pismo Beach

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