Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Signage

Santa Barbara is close to Californian Wine Country, so our stay was all about inspecting menus and listening to waiters drone on about how fabulous everything was.

The other thing about Santa Barbara is the beach, which is very long and is lined by enormous palm trees.

Palm Trees in Santa Barbara Palm Trees in Santa Barbara 2

There are plenty of seabirds too, and for some bizarre reason, they like to line up and watch the waves coming off the sea.

Santa Barbara Seabirds

The weather continued to be fabulous. Warm and dry, with beautiful sunsets most days.

Dusk in Santa Barbara Sunset in Santa Barbara

Culture was available at the Santa Barbara Mission and Botanic Gardens.

Santa Barbara Mission

I’m keeping the chat concise because I have a lot to catch up on.  I’m sure you’re relieved.

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