An Oasis in the Desert

Palm Desert Hotel

There’s always the danger, with Travel Photography, that you end up basically showing your holiday snaps. Where does one end and the other begin? I guess these photos are set fairly squarely in the holiday snaps camp, so I’ll keep it brief, and we’ll swiftly move on to the final stage of my Californian trip.

Our final stay was in a very large hotel in the town of Palm Desert, not far from Palm Springs (which you are more likely to have heard of). We got there by driving down Highway 10 from Los Angeles, past Hollywood and San Bernadino, for two hours in crazy four-lane traffic, where people happily overtake on any side.

Palm Desert Hotel

Just before we arrived in the Coachella valley, we spotted a wind farm. As we drove on, the farm revealed itself more and more, until it became clear that this was no ordinary wind farm. There were over 3,000 turbines. I’d love to have taken some photographs, but I was driving and there was nowhere to stop.

So, we arrived at our hotel in the desert. The desert didn’t really look like a desert, having been developed into a series of grid-like towns, but the weather was certainly very arid. The hotel was enormous. I mean huge. It was surrounded by manmade lakes and a golf course. It was nothing like the motel in Santa Monica.

Palm Desert Hotel

Our destination was the main reason for our trip, which I won’t bore you with. We spent most of the next few days socialising at a conference, with one visit to the local zoo / safari park. We had just enough time for one major excursion, before returning home. Stay tuned…

Palm Desert Living Desert

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