Hogwarts Inspiration: Christ Church college

Hogwarts Inspiration: Christ Church College

The Great Hall in Oxford’s 16th century Christ Church college was the inspiration behind Hogwart’s Great Hall, from the Harry Potter films. It is said that the set designers based their Hall on this very room, and many film scenes were set on location, close by, or in the college grounds. I have to report that none of the paintings’ contents moved, while I was in the room, and I saw no owls nor headless ghosts.

Irrefutable Logic Lane

Originally known asĀ Horseman Lane and Horsemull Lane, this Oxford road was the site of a horse mill. However, in the 17th century, a school of Logicians was based here, and the name was changed to Logic Lane. Don’t ask me why. The lane connects the High Street with Merton College, and is traversed by a covered bridge which connects college buildings at the first floor level. As someone who spent a large part of his career based in logic (and reading Viz comic), this street sign tickled me pink.

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