100% Chance of Weather

100% chance of weather, Oxford

The weather forecasters predicted rain. Lots of it. If we were lucky, we might get a couple of sunny spells. As it turned out, our first day in Oxford was warm and sunny with occasional cloud. Fabulous. I sometimes wonder why I bother to listen to weather forecasts. What must it be like to be a weather forecaster? It’s not like you can be sacked for being wrong. I wonder what sort of job satisfaction they get. “Busy day at the office?” “It was hectic. It was overcast, and we said sunny.” “Never mind, love. It’s sprouts for tea.”

Patriotism? Oxford bunting

The British love talking about the weather. I’m as patriotic as the next man. I am very proud of things like British contemporary music, but also ashamed of other aspects of British culture. I am not a royalist, and, although I appreciate what having a royal family has done for British culture, I’m not happy with the way in which it was achieved. I suppose I’m agnostic in this respect. So, please excuse me if I don’t take part in the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Feel free to enjoy yourselves, and I’ll do something else, after all it’s a free country.

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