Return to Formentor

Return to Formentor Viewpoint
A short holiday in Majorca necessitated a return to Formentor. Formentor is a rugged mountainous peninsula on the island’s North East coast. I love the place. The landscape is fantastic, the sea is sublime, the cliffs are breathtaking, and the views demand your full attention.

I’ve been twice before, on two separate occasions, and I went twice this time, the second time to see the unremarkable lighthouse at the Cap de Formentor. No photos here.

Formentor Cliffs
You can stop at several official car parks along the peninsula. That is, if you manage to get past some of the buses coming the other way on the narrow windy mountain passes. I had to reverse a few yards on one occasion, and it wasn’t funny. Okay, my family thought it was.

A few parking places are less “official”. Just make sure you have a spare tyre. On our first visit, 12 years ago, we discovered a beautiful turquoise bay down a long slope to the sea. We have spent a few delicious hours lying there. Don’t ask me where it is, or I’ll have to kill you.

Formentor Hills
If you’re only a part-time explorer, you’re in luck, because the view in the first three photos are available from the very first car park at the top of the initial climb. But these are amazing views, nonetheless.

If you decide to persevere down more hair-raising road, you’ll end up in a pine forest with a south-facing beach. Yes, you can buy lollies and pop there.

Formentor Bay
Keep on going and the initial road fear subsides, until you end up at the end of the road where the lighthouse stands. The views along the coast here are so breathtaking you can even take a decent shot on your phone, as proven below…

Formentor Coastline

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