Montjuic Castle

Hotel Vela, W Barcelona from Montjuïc Castle

No matter how much culture and sophistication one tries to fit into a short city break, you can’t beat a good honest day in the sun, eating an ice cream, walking around something old and interesting, like Montjuic Castle. So, when the sun put its hat on, out came the shorts, and up the hill we went, in search of Magnums.

Panorama with Sagrada Família, Barcelona

The first trial of the day was to fathom the Funicular de Montjuïc, a steep hillside cable railway, which takes you up to the action—in our case the Joan Miró museum. This was harder than expected, as the ticket machines were only in Catalan/Spanish. Fortunately, we eventually spotted the bleeding obvious English translation Selotaped to one of the machines, just above shortarse eye level.

Defending Montjuïc Castle, Barcelona

Once at Montjuïc Castle, we headed straight for the battlements, which gave stunning views of the Barcelona skyline, including the awesome Sagrada Família and the nearby port. It was great just to be high up and in the hot sun after being cooped up in the dark shadows of the Gothic district for the last couple of days.

Snap the Snapper, Montjuïc Castle, Barcelona

There are only so many cultural city trips I can stand. I find myself yearning for old, hot and dusty coastal towns with sea, sand, tavernas and flip flops.

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