Casa Batlló, Barcelona
Is it a coincidence that Gaudí sounds like gaudy? I hope so. I think his style is … erm … good, in that it’s interesting and refreshing. I’m not sure that I’m a big fan though. He certainly had an impact on Barcelona’s cityscape, especially in the Eixample district. I was looking forward to finally seeing the “Gaudí house”, after having missed it during my first visit. I hastily marched up the Passeig de Gràcia, seeing increasingly ornate buildings as I progressed. Casa Batlló was swamped with tourists, so I carried on.

Casa Milà staircase, Barcelona

I arrived at Casa Milà. Well, according to my pocket SatNav I had. Looking across the wide street smothered in tourists there was a large building covered in scaffolding, which was decorated to look like the building it concealed. I was looking at the Gaudí house—or at least a representation of what it might look like. I felt like I was at one of those arena concerts where you have to look at the screen to see who was actually just a dot on the stage.

Casa Milà courtyard, Barcelona

Anyway. In we went.

That sounded easy. Actually, we had to queue, and the entry fee was extortionate. But, in we went. The lift took us straight to the roof. The roof was amazing. Strange chimneys of anthropomorphic and organic shapes jutted out of the hilly stepped surface, and looked down on scary chasms lined with apartment windows. Incredible.

Unfortunately, this was the highlight of the visit. The interior was interesting but barely remarkable. Whatever happened to ending with a bang?

Casa Milà roof, Barcelona

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