Return to Edinburgh

Calton Hill, Edinburgh

Edinburgh is great. You can feel the culture pouring from every stone of the city’s amazing architecture. I could walk around Edinburgh for hours, which is just as well, as that is what I had to do in February.

The Forth from Calton Hill

You know how it is. Visiting offspring in student accommodation means lots of sightseeing and eating out! We did plenty of both. And although I’ve seen the sights of Edinburgh before, on several occasions, doing it all again was still a pleasure.

Portobello Beach, Edinburgh

I managed to get down to the beach twice. Once at Crammond and once at Portobello. It may have been Winter, but beaches aren’t just for swimming and sunbathing, you know!

Edinburgh Castle

One of these days, I may even get inside Edinburgh Castle. I’ve certainly seen the outside enough times. But I always prefer to see the facades of these historic buildings, and I am often disappointed by the exhibitions inside.

Arty Edinburgh

The Scottish National Gallery, on the other hand, is well worth exploring.

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