Walking the Peaks

Walking the Peaks near Longnor: mountains

Okay—this might be getting boring. Here are some more photos from walking the peaks, this time near Longnor in Staffordshire. Can I think of anything witty or ironic to say about them? No, sorry.

I used to think that, after all my time in Yorkshire, I’d have been spoilt for countryside (this is certainly what all the locals kept telling me). And, I must admit that my first couple of excursions into the Derbyshire countryside were less than inspiring. But, all you need is a good book of walks (preferably involving a pub) and some decent weather, and the national park starts to reveal its true colours.

Walking the Peaks near Longnor: rolling countryside

So, I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves.

Walking the Peaks near Longnor: farm Walking the Peaks near Longnor: balloon

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