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Stanage Edge 1

I’d heard the name Stanage Edge a few times, when talking about the Peak District, but I knew it wasn’t just down the road, and that’s about all I knew. I also knew it was near a place called Hathersage, and that I hadn’t got a clue where Hathersage was. So, it’s just as well that we just got in the car and went there one day, just to put the mystery to rest. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best weather for the trip, as it turned out.

Stanage Edge 2

It turns out that Stanage Edge is a long gritstone cliff, popular with walkers and climbers, and that Hathersage is almost exactly halfway between Buxton and Sheffield. This is immediately obvious when you arrive, after driving through miles of bleak moorland.

It was cold, wet and windy. You don’t want to be walking along the edge of a long cliff on wet gritstone in a gale, believe me. At one stage, a small stream leading to the cliff poured over the edge … and then blew back up over the edge again. There were no climbers. Just a few unhappy walkers and us.

Stanage Edge 3

Having said all that, the view was pretty good, being quite high up in the peaks. It might have been even better if I wasn’t surrounded by low cloud, but at least I managed a few moody photos of the Peak District at the end of autumn.

And besides, what better way is there of working yourself up for a pub birthday lunch?

Stanage Edge 4

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