Peak Sunset

Peak Sunset, Peak District

You could probably scrape a living, making photographs of sunsets. What’s not to like about them? This Peak sunset was snapped from the side of a road somewhere between Staffordshire and Derbyshire. I found somewhere to stop, got out my camera, and my family waited patiently for a couple of minutes while I snapped away at the free view. Easy. All you need is the right weather, a focal point, and to be outdoors with your camera.

I once entered a competition where I was beaten by two sets of photographs. The runner-up set was a fantastic array of window frames, taken in different parts of the world. Such a simple idea, and yet interesting and attractive at the same time. The winning set was a bunch of clichéd sunsets taken in various exotic locations. The sort of places where you might be sat with a G&T, in your shorts, with a disposable camera. I felt cheated.

Ever since that occasion, I have noticed how people are drawn to a sunset photo—me included. I suppose it’s a bit like photos of kittens or cute children. They are popular because of some sort of natural attraction. So, a whole box of sunset photos? It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

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