Last of the Summer Whine

Last of the Summer Whine: Tree and Stone Wall

Summer 2015 wasn’t one of the hottest I can remember. The cold weather seemed to linger on and on, like an unwelcome guest at the end of a party. Fortunately, we had a few good days, and took advantage of them as often as possible. Little did I know that a walk near Chapel-en-le-Frith in the Peak District would be one of our last of the summer. Call it my Last of the Summer Whine.

Last of the Summer Whine: Solitary Tree

Whilst on our family walk through the fields and meadows, we encountered a grassy hill with a single tree at its top. We decided to break for a lunch of sandwiches, fruit and crisps, and admired the view. There’s something simply pleasurable about sandwiches eaten whilst lying on the grass. I was inspired to take photographs of my worm’s-eye view.

Last of the Summer Whine: In the Long Grass

My spirits were lifted by the sight of hills and fluffy white clouds. Sorry, Cheshire. I’ve got to have a few hills on my country walks.

Last of the Summer Whine: Rolling Hills in Cheshire

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