The Great Ridge

The Great Ridge, Peak District National Park

Since moving back to the North West, I’ve heard a bit about Mam Tor, and its suitability as a photographic location. So, on one of the coldest and windiest days of the year, we had a family outing to the Hope Valley, and a walk along The Great Ridge.

Parking at Castleton, we made our way towards Mam Tor—also known as Shivering Mountain. I really ought to take these local names more seriously, because, once we got past the mud slopes (where I did more mileage sideways than forwards) and climbed the hill to The Great Ridge to meet the North wind, I was indeed shivering.

Edale, Peak District National Park

Fortunately, we were greeted by tremendous views along the Great Ridge and across the adjoining valley to Edale. Don’t be fooled by the sunny nature of the photographs, it was bitterly cold and eyewateringly windy.

It was with bitter-sweet relief that we finally made our way down the ridge to the village of Hope, from which the valley takes its name. All the while greeting similarly blustered strangers with the obligatory Hello—which you can only do in the country, and definitely not in the towns and cities.

As we approached the village at twilight, I fell in the mud twice, to my family’s delight, and we were helloed by a crazy fool heading back towards the ridge. Strangely familiar, we soon realised it was comedian Ed Byrne, although my family didn’t need any more comedy that day.

3 thoughts on “The Great Ridge

  1. Meks Librarian

    At least it wasn’t raining… I am not very good with cold and wind, but the great pictures almost make me wish I’d have been there. It certainly looks like a place worth going back to on a more benign day.

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