Derbyshire Dales

Love Padlocks in Bakewell

I live to the North West of the Peak District. Although not far, it can be a bit of a drag, driving to the Peak District, because of the traffic on the A6. Consequently, I’ve tended to stick to the more easily accessible parts. Pure laziness.

In the Spring, I ventured a little further than normal, and was rewarded with great weather and gorgeous scenery. I decided that the Derbyshire Dales were my new favourite bit of local countryide — if you consider a 1-hour drive to be local. I liked it so much, I had a short holiday in the area.

Nine Ladies Stone Circle

I was based in Bakewell for the duration. It’s a small town with glut of outdoor shops, pubs and Bakewell Pudding/Tart vendors. It’s an excellent base for exploring the area; there are lots of rolling hills, historic old buildings and public footpaths. There’s even a couple of stone circles. I visited the Nine Ladies (frozen to stone as punishment for dancing on a Sunday).

22 Degree Halo

I admit, I had a brief hippy phase in the 70s. So, it seemed especially weird (man) when I was stood in the centre of the stone circle, and noticed the strange halo appearing around the sun. Apparently, this is a 22 degree halo. It’s quite unusual because of the ice crystals forming in the atmosphere.

Haddon Hall

I managed a good 6+ mile walk every day of the trip. Not only is this good excercise, but it allowed me to cover quite a lot of ground, and get to know the region better. I can see why the lords and ladies built their big houses there. The landscape is the stuff of oil paintings.

Peak Gorge

After a couple of sedentary years, I’m a bit fitter than before. I’m hiking and jogging regularly. So, I’m hopefully staying away from hospitals for a while. But, it’s comforting to know that, if I take a turn for the worse, there’s always a defibrillator handy.

Phone Box Defibrillator

2 thoughts on “Derbyshire Dales

  1. mekslibrarian

    So far, I have visited Bakewell only once with family who love the place. I must admit I found it too full of tourists to enjoy it properly. Isn’t that ironic, to complain about too many people when I am one of them myself?
    Anyway, the landscape is really Beautiful! It is nice to look at spring pictures while we are at the end of the “opposite” season.

  2. Keith Nuttall Post author

    People are always telling me how busy the Peak District is. Truth is, I have never really noticed it – apart from around Castleton and Mam Tor. Maybe I’m really good at picking quiet times?

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