Outside Edinburgh

Rosslyn Chapel

This time around, I got to explore some of the sights and countryside around Edinburgh. The highlight of the trip came as a complete surprise to me. “Let’s visit an old church,” they said. “Yes, why not,” I lazily agreed, expecting some mild boredom.

Rosslyn Chapel is not just any old church. It’s a stunning work of stonemasonry, taking many man-hours of work to build. It’s an absolute delight, and more so inside than out — where the intricate carving stretches right through the building. Incredible, and well worth a visit.

Penicuik House

Penicuik House, on the other hand, was less about the interior than the grand facade. This is mainly because there is no interior, on account of the building being derelict. You can see right through it in places.

Pentland Hills 1

Being no stranger to long walks in the countryside, I was treated to some fabulous views from the Pentland Hills. It was cold and a wee bit windy, but we did see an old guy wearing a kilt. Somehow, I felt less inclide to moan about the chill after that.

Pentland Hills 2

Despite the cold, the weather was fine, and the light was good for photographs. These long bracing walks are also great for building up a hearty appetite, and draughty student halls feel so much warmer, especially without a kilt.

Pentland Hills 3

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