Towards Gozo

Towards Gozo: Red Tower, Mellie─ža, Malta

No visit to Malta is complete without the obligatory ferry crossing towards Gozo. To get to the ferry, you drive past the Red Tower. I won’t tell you why it’s called that. You’ll have to work it out for yourself. Don’t ask for any clues! It’s actually called Saint Agatha’s Tower, the Knights of St. John’s 17th century fortress, built to keep watch over the north part of the island of Malta.

Towards Gozo: Comino island, Malta

The crossing is a simple 30 minute hop, past the island of Comino, which harbours a thing the local leisure industry calls the Blue Lagoon (you’ll have to guess that one too!). I say ‘simple’, but I neglected to mention the traffic chaos at each end of the journey which can triple the duration of the journey at peak times. But it’s okay, it doesn’t get much over 30 degrees in Autumn.

Towards Gozo: Onboard the Gozo Ferry

You may wonder if it’s worth all the effort, to get to a small island off the coast of an already small island. Turns out it is

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