God and Fishing

God and fishing: Mellieha Church

After tourism, the two biggest things in Malta are God and Fishing. Malta is coming down with churches. And when I say “churches”, I don’t mean those quaint things in your village, I mean bloody huge feats of architecture. Considering Malta isn’t very big, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to having a pray in magnificent surroundings.

God and Fishing: Mosta Rotunda

And, due to the nature of the beast, Maltese churches aren’t without fables and superstitions, including the unexploded German bomb of the Mosta Rotunda, which pierced the dome in the second world war and landed without further incident. It’s a miracle!

God and fishing: Marsaxlokk Harbour 1

Also due to the nature of the beast, being a small island it is surrounded by sea. Lots of sea means lots of boats, and lots of boats means lots of fishing. And lots of fishing means a very happy tourist with a camera, eating many fabulous meals, including a delicious harbour-side supper in Marsaxlokk, surrounded by bobbing fishing boats.

God and fishing: Marsaxlokk Harbour 3

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