A Day in Gozo

A day in Gozo: Victoria

There’s a lot to see in Gozo. A day in Gozo is not enough. We ran out of time, and spent much of the visit rushing from one place to another, starting in Victoria/Rabat, the main town. In Victoria, there is a pretty impressive castle-like collection of walled buildings called the Citadel. These contain a fabulous church and a great museum, which we didn’t have time for. I know it’s fabulous because I saw it in 1987.

Ġgantija, Gozo

I didn’t see Ġgantija in 1987, but I managed a trip this time round. It’s pretty similar to Ħaġar Qim, but not as impressive. Even I get a little bored by big piles of stones occasionally.

A day in Gozo: Azure Window

The big attraction for me this time, was a trip to the Azure Window, or Blue Hole (whichever translation floats your boat). This was something I wasn’t even aware of until this visit. How I missed this the first time, I have no idea.

The problem was, as we were short on time, and I’d worked out where the sun was going to be, I was in a blind panic to get there by sunset. In fact, if you know me personally, you’d be highly amused to see me launch myself from the hire car after handing my wife the keys, legging it across very hard and jagged volcanic rocks towards the window itself, minutes before sunset.

The sun sets off Gozo

I feverishly snapped away, cursing those smug and highly-acclaimed photographers, who reckkie locations and appear in plenty of time with a plan of shots. I was spraying and praying, and was spoilt for choice.

A Day in Gozo: Red Sky at Night

After bagging my landmark shots, and the light started to fail, I realised that this sunset was going to be a good one. The sky became redder and redder, and more and more people pulled out their cameras. And why not? Sunsets are like shooting fish in a barrel.

A Day in Gozo: Sunset Photo

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