Sunsets of Sardinia

Sardinia Sunset 1

A pleasant side-effect of being on holiday, is the amount of time you spend outdoors in lovely warm weather. And it’s most dramatic at sunset. The sunsets of Sardinia are no exception. To be fair, it’s probably great at sunrise too, but who sees a sunrise on holiday?!

Sardinia Sunset 2

Like a lot of islands, Sardinia is covered in photogenic mountains, and is surrounded by harbours and ports.

Sardinia Sunset 3

And what could be nicer than watching a beautiful sunset while stuffing your greedy fat face at a harbourside restaurant?

Sardinia Sunset 4

Or gambling amongst the rocks on a beach, while the planets start to appear?

Sardinia Sunset 5

The only trick to getting a decent photo is finding something nice to include in the shot. That is, if you can be bothered! Sometimes, it’s better to just enjoy the moment.

Sardinia Sunset 6

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