Summer in Sardinia

Porto Giunco, Sardinia

I took a sunny Mediterranean holiday in early summer. These European holidays are a great chance to relax and explore, and top up my travel photography library — that is, if I can be bothered! Summer in Sardinia, Italy.

Porto Giunco Look-out

I was new to Sardinia. It’s not so much like the Italy I know and love. It has a slightly more Spanish feel to it. And the first thing you learn about Sardinia is that it’s got its own separate culture, which is a bit more laid back than what you might expect.

Capo Carbonara Base

We (perhaps foolishly) chose a quiet part of the island. Maybe I have this notion that I enjoy sitting on a baking-hot beach, whilst reading my 12th John Grisham novel. I don’t.

Isola dei Càvoli, Sardinia

I did manage to express my climbing-about-on-rocks gene though. And, with a camera slung over my shoulder, I at least topped up my stock of seaside photographs.

More (less holiday-oriented) Sardinia photos coming soon…

Punta Molentis, Sardinia

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