Sardinia Rocks

Sardinia Rocks 1

No, I haven’t gone all American. This post is all about the rocks in Sardinia — although I sure there are a lot of young enthusiastic natives who really do think that Sardinia rocks.

While I was sorting through my photos from the island, I noticed that most of them featured rocks lying on the ground, rock formations, or buildings made from rocks.

Sardinia Rocks 2

You can’t get away from the things. I guess this is why the ancient Sardinians build thousands of Nuraghi all over the island. Maybe they were trying to get rid of them by tidying them into neat piles. Certainly, the tourists seem to be continuing the tradition, albeit on a much smaller scale.

Sardinia Rocks 3

I found myself regressing to my childhood. I seemed to spend a lot of time clambering over rocks, or throwing smaller ones into the sea.

Sardinia Rocks 4

Maybe this will be my lasting impression of this isolated but large Italian island — a big pile of rocks in the western Mediterranean sea. That and a few grazes on my legs.

Sardinia Rocks 5

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