The Rain in Italy Falls Mainly on the Hills

Rain in Italy: Tuscany hills

Honestly, it was sunny most of the time, but by the time I got out my camera, a thunderstorm had started. The locals were pleased that we were getting rain in Italy at last; there had been a drought. The rain had gone by lunchtime. I suppose it makes a nice change to get a moody foggy shot of an archetypal Tuscany farm and skinny cypress trees, or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Hills of Borgo San Lorenzo, Tuscany

It can be very difficult to capture the awe of a breathtaking¬† landscape, like the view I had from the hills of San Cresci near Borgo San Lorenzo. Cameras are not like people; they see things differently. I spent several hours admiring this panorama from my temporary lodgings in northern Tuscany, and never tired of it. I think the furthest mountains were probably thirty miles away, and the sun set over the hills to the left. I could bore you with several shots from this spot, but I won’t. Or will I?

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