Palazzo Pubblico, Siena

Palazzo Pubblico, Siena

It had been a miserably wet dark day in the Piazza del Campo, Siena. We were hiding under the awning of one of the many restaurants surrounding the medieval square. Why do they call them “squares”? This one is semi-circular, almost like a shallow amphitheatre, and a couple of weeks earlier the Pailio dell’Assunta (a horse race) was held here. The Palazzo Pubblico and Torre del Mangia were illuminated gloriously, as the setting sun burst through the fading rain clouds.

Rainbow in Siena

Photographers often spout on about light. The word “photograph” actually means “light drawing”. The truth is that it’s the colour and direction of light which get them excited. I could go all scientific on you, and say that the spectrum of daylight varies enormously during the days and the seasons, depending on atmospheric conditions, but I won’t.  The second photograph was taken just half an hour later, and you can see the difference a short wait can make.

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