Nature in Sardinia

Passion Flower at Cagliari

This time, we were determined to do a bit more exploring on foot than usual. Just because we were on holiday, we weren’t off the hook as far as hiking goes. We just had to take it easy in the midday heat. It also gave us an oportunity to see some of the nature in Sardinia.

Flamingos at Piscina Rei

We saw a lot of flamingos around the island — often flying past. They flocked together, and fed in the lagoons. Weird birds, they look like children have made them.

Sette Fratelli

We headed to Sette Fratelli, for a spot of mountain hiking, and climbed up Perda Sub’e Pari, where we found some fantastic views of the Sardinian countryside.

Perda Sub'e Pari

There was a botanic garden and orchard on the plateau. It was a nice surprise, and as an added bonus, thousands of large tortoiseshell butterflies completely surrounded us, feeding on the berries.

Large Tortoiseshell Butterfly Feeding

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