Cagliari, Pronouced Cally-airy

Cagliari Wall

Cagliari (pronounced Cally-airy) is Sardinia’s capital city. It’s a hot and dusty mish-mash of southern European styles, mixed with a medieval (and Roman) heritage, all dropped onto the side of a steep hill, which falls into the port below.

Cagliari Alley

It’s very much a working city, athough it has its fair share of restaurants, bars and shops. But, as a tourist, you don’t feel like you’re getting any special treatment, which is fine. I like to know where I stand. At least everyone is civil enough.

Cagliari Arcade 1

Again, I got the feeling that this isn’t really like the Italy I have come to know. It’s definitely a hybrid culture, with elements of Southern France and Spain thrown into the mix. Maybe I was experiencing an island culture.

Cagliari Arcade 2

Whatever it was, I was struggling to put my finger on what it was. After a couple of days exploration, I got to know the place fairly well, but I really didn’t scratch the surface.

Villanova Street, Cagliari

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