Ice Cream Van

Ice Cream Van
It’s a strange old world. Since taking my photos to the general public, I’ve become less productive on this blog. I now have a year’s worth of photos to sort through and post here. One of my most popular photos — Ice Cream Van — has never appeared on my blog until now.

I made this photograph on a beach in Northumbria, in June 2011. I was visiting old friends near Berwick. We decided to go for a walk on the beach (and maybe visit the ice cream van). It then sat unnoticed on my computer’s hard drive for four years. When I came back to it, I decided that I liked it.

I originally titled this photo Seaside Disappointment (think about it), and entered it into a local competition, where it received a mild chuckle and a mediocre score. I also turned it into cards and prints, where it really took off, thanks to the good people visiting my stall, who clearly have a lot more taste than the competition judge.

I’ve finally admitted that this blog isn’t going to get the attention I’ve given it in the past. I plan to turn it into more of a “gallery with a blog”, if you see what I mean. So, don’t be surprised if this looks different, when you next visit. And don’t be surprised if it doesn’t either — it might take me a while!

2 thoughts on “Ice Cream Van

  1. Craig coates

    Good picture you wouldn’t recognize this old trailer as we give it a new paint job and new stickers on it 2016
    Think this trailer was made in 1982

  2. Keith Nuttall Post author

    Thank you. I wouldn’t be surprised if my friends told you about this photo. Hoping to be back up there sooner rather than latter. Save me a flake.

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