The Return of Photographic Clichés

Sunset at Rhodes

I’ve written about this before, but I’m doing it again. This is the Return of Photographic Clichés. You might wonder what I mean by photographic cliché, but you’ll recognise it from some examples. I’m talking about the sort of photos people like to take, which press certain buttons in the viewer. They tend to be simple, brightly coloured, and inevitably done a thousand times before.

Koskinou Window 1

As photographers, we’re told to avoid the cliché, to look for a new angle or perspective. But, I think it’s okay to just go with it, every now and then. I guess it’s self-indulgent. Maybe, in a way, we are trying our own take on a cliché, to see how we’d do it? Irony warning.

Koskinou Window 2

Maybe I was just thinking about travel brochures when I took these photos at the end of my summer holiday in Rhodes. Or maybe I’ve been selling photos too much lately. Maybe I need to concentrate on making photos again.

Koskinou Door

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